Friday, 8 March 2013


So today i thought i would do a makeup post and when it comes to makeup i'm a bit of a Benefit addict.
I find that the Benefit products are better for my skin as it has improved since i started using their foundation and concealer, i also love their lip tints and lipsticks!
 I use Max Factor liquid foundation as a base, Benefit concealer and Benefit powder to set it. For a blusher I actually use Mac eye-shadow and it works well both ways. The eyeliner and mascara are both Maybelline.

In this photo i'm wearing Urban Decay electric blue eye liner, I know its kind of hard to see but i'm also wearing a light blue eye shadow.

In these photos I used L'Oreal Super Liner with Mac eye shadow over the top. The glitter in the eye shadow actually gets everywhere so when using this it is best to do the eye makeup before you put on foundation.

Okay, so i'm not sure why I did this but i felt like being a bit random and creating a look that I could possibly use in one of the many projects i'm doing at uni. I got the idea of doing a 'smudged' look from the 2013 Chanel Couture runway makeup.
And yes... this was a pain to wash off!


I have a reasonable amount of lipstick, but i do find that i have 2 or 3 favorites that i wear all the time! The blue gloss is also a Benefit product called 'California Kissin'' it is a gloss that you put on top of a lipstick to give it a bit of shine and it is probably one of my favorite products at the moment! I wear it a lot over the dark red Rimmel lipstick as I find that that lipstick dries my lips when I use it on its own.