Saturday, 24 November 2012

Feels like Christmas

So on Thursday i went into Southampton town center to have a look at the Christmas market and to see the Lighten Up show that was being put on by students from Solent University. Even though the force of the wind was unbelievably strong and the temperature was probably something close to 0 the whole thing really got me in the Christmas mood (even if it is still November)!

The market was pretty amazing, there are so many food stalls and the smells coming from some of them were mouth watering! Plus the German sweet stall had so much there you just don't know where to look.

The whole thing did get me thinking about Christmas jumpers so below i have posted some of my favorites.River Island



Thursday, 22 November 2012


Top - M&Co
Jeans - Topshop
Cardie - New Look
Bracelet - Camden Market
Rings - Primark
Watch - M&Co

For our photography lesson this week we were given the theme red, so i chose to wear an outfit that had red as the main feature, this top i'm wearing is one of my favorites as it can be worn as a casual top or as a going out top (depending on how you style it). The red cardie is actually to small for me as the sleeves are way too short, being 5"11 i find it hard to shop in New Look as they don't cater for tall people that well, and i find the clothes in the tall section (in the few stores that have a tall section) are never as nice as the ones in the regular range. 

Also, as you can probably tell by the state of my hair, I actually turned up to this lesson looking like a drowned rat because of the amount of rain! I only have to walk ten minutes to uni and i stupidly thought that i would be fine just wearing my leather jacket and without taking an umbrella... obviously not. 

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Winter Florals

This winter we are seeing a lot of florals in the shops,  they are less feminine than we saw in summer as this seasons prints are dark, edgy and luxe. We are also seeing a lot of Eastern, tropical and fantasy inspired designs.

This is my take on this winters fashion:

Floral top - New Look
Purple top - New Look
Jeans - Topshop
Boots - Blowfish
Watch - M&Co
Rings - Primark

Monday, 12 November 2012

California Dreaming s/s 13

I felt then need to post about this trend for spring/ summer 13 as it is one of my personal favorites. I love the patterns, embellishment and colour tones used... in fact I have pretty much fallen in love with it! This look reflects a relaxed West Country lifestyle through casual sweats, beach dresses and pared-black denim with a feminine, luxe twist. To create this look wear outfits with paisley tie-dyed prints, miniature studs and floral embellishment.

 Mania Mania
 Sugarhigh + Lovestoned x Alexandra Valenti
 Isabel Marant spring/summer 2013
 Novella Royale
Versace spring/summer 2013

Bright white, egg-nog and a powder blue-grey hue dominates this palette for a washed-out, hazy beach feel. Use lilac, purple and vermillion orange for subtle print accents and embellishment detail.

Versace s/s 13 collection really stood out so i decided to have a look at some of the other pieces from the collection and all i can say is that im now very excited for 2013! From looking at this collection i can see that lace is going to have a big impact again next year but rather than the all lace garments we are starting to see more of now it will be a lot more subtle. Embroidered lace such as guipure or corded lace will be used for fancy tees and dresses.
Versace spring/summer 2013 

Friday, 9 November 2012

Something Old to Something New

Shirt - Charity Shop
Skirt - Topshop
Belt - M&Co
Black top - New Look
Necklace and Rings - Primark

I feel like i have broken the first rule of fashion blogging by taking photos in my room rather than outside, but when living by the coast in the UK its either very windy or raining. 

When i found this shirt in a local charity shop i saw it as a challenge, it was a mens XL shirt but after 6 hours worth of adjustments it no longer looks like i have draped my self in a load of random fabric! The idea of cutting out the two sections of the shirt was in my head when i woke up one morning and i still don't know if it is because i have seen it before or weather i managed to come up with a new design idea while i was asleep (which would be pretty cool.)

I love changing old outfits as it is a cheaper way to be fashionable, it also gives me something to do in the evenings when i can no longer bring myself to do anymore coursework. You don't have to be a major creative to be able to adapt your clothing,  you could do something simple like adding beads or studs, however it is good to practice on some old fabric first so you don't ruin your clothes!


Jeans - Topshop (Tall Moto Jamie Jeans) £40
After going out shopping today and buying my first pair of jeans in about 2 years i thought it was only right to dedicate my first official blog post to them!
I normally hate jeans, the biggest thing for me is finding a pair long enough as i need a 36 inch leg. When shopping for jeans i used to go to New Look as their jeans were as close as i would get to a perfect fit, however they no longer seam to sell jeans past a 32 inch leg unless you shop online, and for me jeans are the one thing i find you always have to try on.
I also find that a lot of jeans are either very tight on the leg but too big on the waist or my normal size will be too big but the next size down is too small.
I decided to go to Topshop after someone on my course said how comfy her jeans were (and they did look amazing.) To my surprise these jeans were a perfect fit, they have a stretch to them so they are comfy to move around in and even though they are not supposed to be high waisted they do come up quite high so when you bend down you don't accidently show any of your behind! These jeans do come up big so you may be able to get into the next size down (always a plus!)
I find black jeans are one of those key items that every girl (and boy) should have in their wardrobe as you can pretty much wear them with everything (and it has taken me waaayyyy to long to invest in a pair!)

Tuesday, 6 November 2012


I have decided that it is time for me to start a blog. I will be writing about things that interest me, so mainly fashion, style and makeup... maybe even a bit of photography. Who knows.