Friday, 9 November 2012

Something Old to Something New

Shirt - Charity Shop
Skirt - Topshop
Belt - M&Co
Black top - New Look
Necklace and Rings - Primark

I feel like i have broken the first rule of fashion blogging by taking photos in my room rather than outside, but when living by the coast in the UK its either very windy or raining. 

When i found this shirt in a local charity shop i saw it as a challenge, it was a mens XL shirt but after 6 hours worth of adjustments it no longer looks like i have draped my self in a load of random fabric! The idea of cutting out the two sections of the shirt was in my head when i woke up one morning and i still don't know if it is because i have seen it before or weather i managed to come up with a new design idea while i was asleep (which would be pretty cool.)

I love changing old outfits as it is a cheaper way to be fashionable, it also gives me something to do in the evenings when i can no longer bring myself to do anymore coursework. You don't have to be a major creative to be able to adapt your clothing,  you could do something simple like adding beads or studs, however it is good to practice on some old fabric first so you don't ruin your clothes!