Friday, 9 November 2012


Jeans - Topshop (Tall Moto Jamie Jeans) £40
After going out shopping today and buying my first pair of jeans in about 2 years i thought it was only right to dedicate my first official blog post to them!
I normally hate jeans, the biggest thing for me is finding a pair long enough as i need a 36 inch leg. When shopping for jeans i used to go to New Look as their jeans were as close as i would get to a perfect fit, however they no longer seam to sell jeans past a 32 inch leg unless you shop online, and for me jeans are the one thing i find you always have to try on.
I also find that a lot of jeans are either very tight on the leg but too big on the waist or my normal size will be too big but the next size down is too small.
I decided to go to Topshop after someone on my course said how comfy her jeans were (and they did look amazing.) To my surprise these jeans were a perfect fit, they have a stretch to them so they are comfy to move around in and even though they are not supposed to be high waisted they do come up quite high so when you bend down you don't accidently show any of your behind! These jeans do come up big so you may be able to get into the next size down (always a plus!)
I find black jeans are one of those key items that every girl (and boy) should have in their wardrobe as you can pretty much wear them with everything (and it has taken me waaayyyy to long to invest in a pair!)