Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Herts & Beds Blogger Meet Up

On Sunday I went to my first blogger meet up which was held in St Albans. It was a really nice day out and it was great to meet people with the same interests in fashion and beauty. I missed the first hour of the meet up because of how unreliable British public transport is (2 buses didn't turn up and i ended up waiting an hour and a half for one!) and by the time I got there everyone was heading to Lush, when we got there we told them we were all bloggers so they asked for our links and gave us all a free sample of one of their cleansers. 
After Lush we went into Benefit and Bare Minerals, going into Benefit and not buying anything was a challenge as i am completely obsessed with their products (probably about 80% of my makeup collection.)  We then headed to Superdrug, where we were followed around by their staff, so we left and went to Boots instead.
After Boots it was off to Champneys where one off us picked up a tub of their body scrub and passed it around for us all to smell, next thing there was a bit of a rush for the till as we all bought one! We then went to Space NK and even though I couldn't afford to buy anything it was great to have a look round as I have never been in there before.  

The above photos are the only ones I took (was a little awkward getting my iPad out to take photos) and the photos below belong to Courtney from http://www.courtzmelv.com/ 

You can see my outfit post from the meet up here 

The other bloggers that were there are:

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